London…its art and its quirks

Yesterday I shared with you a photo-book of my walk across London’s tourist attractions. But we did not just visit the tourist attractions, we also explored the fun, artistic and quirky side of the City. From the sign boards to the street art….if you look closely, London is full of art, and has a fun side waiting to surprise you! Here is a look at it…

You will find a number of such bright doors and matching flowers to add to the beauty!
Some smart person had scribbled this on the sign at Watford Junction. Check out if it is still there and let me know!! 😛
This beautiful work of art at Watford High Street! It is a delight to see and obviously a great spot for pictures.
These perfectly named drinks at a pop up bar at London Eye 😀
I had heard a lot about the London Underground Service Information boards and it was fun to find one detailing out information on the Invictus Games
This street artist performing with all her heart while her little pup happily naps! 🙂
You will find a lot of  information inscribed on the tiles leading up to a monument or on the walls leading up to a monument. They are a work of art by themselves.
This frame in a restaurant speaks true story!!
Another street artist happily performing for everyone!
Yaayy I finally spotted the red telephone booth!!
Appear at Trafalgar Square Yoga will 😛
This intricate work at the Admiralty Arch.
For some reason reading this and realizing that I was near Dickens home made me very glad!!
Another fun sign at the Savoy London
Finally an intricate pillar at London Eye. Every pillar on the river-walk leading up to the London Eye is a carved out work of art.


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