Day out Destinations

Starting today, every week I will be running a few weekly specials! Yayyy 🙂 The first weekly special would be Day Out Destinations. These will include my ideas for spending a day out either in your city or close to your city. It would be like an itinerary planned just for a day. My goal here would be to plan the perfect day out for you guys which has the following essentials –

  • Less than 3 hours of total travel time
  • A unique place to explore
  • Some shopping options
  • Great food 🙂 

Here’s the best part…I am not limiting this to Chicago 😉 So my day out ideas will be about any place which I have visited or which I feel would be the perfect spot for a relaxed one-day trip because no one wants to come back from a day trip all exhausted 😀

So get ready to be inspired to step out of your home for a day and come back refreshed!!


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