Weekly Features – Themed Weekends

The most common question you are faced with nearing the end of week is….what have you planned this weekend?? Well….every weekend you can’t just curl up at home and read…which I would ideally like..but there are so so many things to do and places to explore!! That’s where THEMED WEEKENDS come into picture….you decide what you want to do a particular weekend..like a theme and plan your weekend around that theme!


Here’s the fun part…I am going to be helping you guys out with some Themed Weekend ideas which you can enjoy…So far I have done quite some themed weekends, they include exploring your city one part at a time, staying in reading a book and relaxing, a crazy adrenaline filled ski trip, a spa weekend, a workout filled weekend..etc etc..so one by one I will be writing down tips, itineraries, how-tos etc. on each of these weekends!!

Just like my Day out Destination feature…this will have short articles, detailed itineraries and I can help with the budgeting aspect wherever possible…so Yaayy…another feature from Myfoodietrails is here 😀 😀 The first themed weekend post comes out tomorrow…so keep following 🙂 

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