Food & Travel experiences

I love to travel, with friends, with family or solo! Most of my travels are planned where I work out the itineraries, explore places to eat, things to see, map their locations etc etc. way beforehand and sometimes its unplanned and instinctive. Either ways, I love the whole process of travelling…booking your stay, booking the tickets, jotting down things on the map, packing your bags and most importantly exploring the new place, its culture and food.

My love for travelling, just like my love for food began at a very young age when my family used to take vacations in India. India itself is so diverse that every single town you visit would greet you with its own set of culture, food and traditions. Obviously as child, I loved to travel for the different tourist spots and food :P. But, as I grew up, the cultures and traditions intrigued me even more. Now I try to find something unique in my every trip, something which I have never done before.

After moving to the US, I have started my journey as a traveler with road-trips! I was never a road trip person, but man do I love them now!!! So here I am sharing with you the trails of my different journeys. You will find itineraries, stories from my trip, things not to miss and off course the food to eat! I hope you guys enjoy it and do let me know down in the comments if you want me to include any additional details. Happy tripping 😀