Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens – an oasis of warmth in the winter

While Chicago is still reeling under the winters and is fondly called as Chiberia 😉 I was craving for greenery and warmth! Our visit to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens at Rockford Illinois came as an oasis of warmth and greenery on a cold winter’s day 🙂


This is the third largest conservatory in Illinois.It is home to an 11,000 square foot plant exhibit, mainly concentrating on tropical plants. The conservatory is approximately 1 hour 45 min drive from Chicago. The conservatory area is beautifully set up with walkways, water features, fishes and toy trains!! The conservatory is situated on the banks of Rock River making it a very picturesque location 🙂


The tickets to this conservatory can be purchased online or directly at the door. Since we had not really planned on visiting here, we purchased the tickets directly at the door. The prices differ for residents and non-residents, adults, senior citizens and children.



We particularly loved the fact that they have constructed this conservatory in such a fashion that you feel as if you are taking a trip through a tropical rain-forest. The paths inside are lined with pebbles, the trees are well maintained. Even in the extreme climate, it can be observed that the staff here has put in extra efforts to maintain the plants and trees here. The decor is a great blend of quirk and natural beauty 🙂

The Koi Pond

They have a delightful Koi Pond in the middle of the conservatory which is surrounded by plants like the papaya plant, banana plants, sugarcane, pineapple and the Palm Tree. Inside the pond there are bright fishes which literally clamber for your attention!!

The Infinity Pond

The Koi pond then extends to the Infinity Pond which has more trees around it like the Star Apple tree, the Puerto Rican Hat Palm, the Jack-fruit tree etc. The bright little fishes will follow you here too!!

There is small artificial stream runs through these ponds in the conservatory and to add on to the fun factor of this conservatory they have constructed toy train routes throughout the conservatory which are functional with different types of toy trains. These train routes are lined with mini houses and bridges which give you the illusion that you are indeed in a small beautiful tropical village!!

There are ample benches here for you to rest or simply sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the observatory or click as many pictures as you like!!

Outside the conservatory is an Ice Skating Deck, and a number of different gardens. Unfortunately since we visited in the winters these gardens were closed.

The Conservatory holds a number of events regularly. When we visited they had just concluded with a model railroading workshop!! I would really recommend that you check their event calendar and visit them during one of these events to enjoy the conservatory and its gardens in their full glory!!

PS –  The conservatory floor tends to be slippery due to timely maintenance. Do remember to wear comfortable, preferably rubber soled shoes while visiting here. If you ask me, these are my favorite go-to all-rounder Shoes which have stayed with me in all climates and all types of trips 😉 

The conservatory is literally lined with delights at every corner…here is a glimpse of all the delightful things we came across –

There is Thomas the Engine model right at the entrance where the stream beings!

Don’t miss taking a picture at this Kaleidoscope

I would highly recommend you visiting the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens for a wonderful experience in nature! After you visit the Conservatory and the gardens don’t forget to check out the river walk for a tranquil walk alongside the Rock River 🙂


Maya Del Sol – an exquisite Latin fusion experience

Since the time I moved to the US, I really am enjoying trying out the Latin American cuisine. I love the full-bodied flavourful food and how it is prepared…I am particularly a fan of slow cooking and I was really craving to eat someplace where I would get a chance to enjoy such soul-satisfying food. So when the time came for a small celebration (it was my husbands birthday and the first birthday which we did not celebrate over Skype 😛 so it was celebration) we decided to visit one of the best Latin Fusion Cuisine restaurants in Oak Park Chicago, Maya Del Sol.

Maya Del Sol – is a Latin American fusion cuisine restaurant which features dishes from Central and South America or as they say we have been taking our guests on an exciting culinary journey through Central and South America” and they do make this culinary journey a pleasant and unforgettable experience!! They have been amazing people with their culinary expertise since 2007. Their food is delicious, drinks enjoyable 😀 and the staff is cheerful and extremely friendly.


The atmosphere at Maya Del Sol is relaxed casual with very comfortable seats and pleasant music. We were greeted cheerfully and escorted to our seats. For drinks, we ordered the their Sangrias, aptly named, “Sangrias from scratch” one in white wine and one in red. The Sangria was not too fruity and the wine did not overpower the drink too much…it was the perfect blend. I shamelessly finished mine even before the food could arrive and our server gladly helped me with a refill!!




Tamales – this was the first time I tried tamales ever and the ones served at Maya Del Sol surely made a lasting impression. The texture was firm and perfect, it was very flavoursome with just the right amount of cheese and poblano pepper sauce!!

Fish Tacos

I generally avoid eating fish in restaurants but my husband suggested we try these and I am glad I did…else I would have missed out on this super dish!! The fish was fresh, we tried the blacked tacos so the fish was grilled to perfection. The Tacos were soft and freshly made. Overall the combination worked super and it did not take us long to finish these. This is so enjoyable you can easily have more than one helping.

Carne Asada –

This is a Mexican marinated beef dish served the Maya Del Sol way with chimichurri, yukon gold potatoes, brussels sprouts, brie cheese sauce. The chimichurri was delectable and I loved how the potatoes were flavoured and how well they blended with the beef.

Cochinita Pibil

This is a classic Maya Del Sol dish of slow cooked pork shoulder spiced with achiote, pickled red onion, black beans, served with habanero or serrano salsa on the side. However our server was gracious enough to serve us both habanero and serrano salsa. One bite of it and I realised exactly why this dish is a Maya Del Sol classic and a crowd favourite. The slow cooked pork was perfectly spiced and it melted in my mouth. The salsa added the perfect spice kick which was needed for the dish. Overall…this is a wonderful preparation and I would definitely come back for more!!


To be honest here, we were really confused whether to have the flan here or the pastel de chocolate both seemed so delectable but we had appetite only for one 😦 So we decided to try the Flan since we had never tried this dessert before. The quantity was sufficient for two people to share, the Flan was plated in an appealing manner. It was drizzled with just the right amount of caramel sauce and topped with fruits. Overall this dessert was simply delightful 🙂


The Maya Del Sol Menu is far more extensive than what I have described here. They have weekly specials, their margaritas are worth a try and I really want to try their brunch menu next. The other great part about Maya del Sol is their patio dining. We could not dine on the patio last time since it was really cold and I preferred an indoor seating. So there is even more to Maya Del Sol than what we have experienced once….we do plan to visit there soon for seconds!! Do plan to visit this delightful restaurant for an unforgettable experience..and do let me know in the comments below which cuisine should I try next!!

Wandering through Watford!!

During my brief stay in London I stayed in Watford, a lovely English town in the northwest of London. I was working in Watford too and would walk to work…and walking to work would mean exploring 😀 Watford is home to the Warner Bros Studios, the Cassiobury Park, Watford Palace Theater and a very enjoyable high street. I am a huge fan of the Watford high street and I would go there everyday after work just for a stroll and off course some kebabs 😛

Watford is approximately 35 mins from Central London by train and around 50 minutes drive from Heathrow Airport. I stayed near Watford Junction which was walking distance from the High Street. This is a small delightful town which can be a part of your itinerary when you plan to visit the Warner Bros Studios.

Notes from Nature

I am a huge fan of parks and outdoors…nature trails, national parks and public park spaces in town…name it and I will mark that in my itinerary to check it. This is mainly because I prefer quieter places where I can be at peace with my thoughts. So when a friend suggested me to check out the Cassiobury park I was obviously excited to visit it 🙂 I had been advised to plan a longer visit to the park, but due to time constraints I could visit there only once during the evenings. The Cassiobury Park is 190 acres of public park open all year round to visitors and their pets. It was a private property until 1937 when the Hertfordshire City Council purchased it.

This place is a perfect spot for a relaxing walk, a nice run or just to have a picnic with your family. Also it is within 15 minutes walking distance from the High Street. So you can plan your time in Watford around shopping, relaxing picnic and off course the Warner Bros studios.

Shopping sprees at High Street Watford

Food, shopping and fun crowd! High Street Watford is a melting pot of cultures went it comes to food. There’s my favourite Nandos, Taste of Lahore for Mughlai cuisine, Roosters Piri Piri for grilled meat (this one was my go-to dinner option), Gourmet Burger King where I had the most delicious burger and sweet potato fries ever…and many more choices. When it comes to shopping, Intu Watford has some great stores. It is huge, the brands are expansive, you will get tired of walking around but still there will be a part of the mall which will be left unexplored. Since I visited London a few months before my wedding, I stocked up on all the makeup and skin care products which I would need for my big day!! And boy…i bought so much of stuff I could not carry half of it with me when I moved to Chicago after marriage 😛

PS I could have had better pictures of the High Street but my hands were always full with shopping bags!! Real Story.

What is to be remembered is that High Street and Intu Watford have limited operating hours..I came from India where we are used to malls being open till late evening I was surprised at the operating hours here. To relieve you from the stress I here’s the link to the mall calendar and store timings 🙂

The Foodie Trails through Watford

I was working full time during my time in Watford so that meant I had little or no time in the morning to cook my own meals. There was a Tesco express near to my apartment where I used to purchase my lunch as a £3.00 meal deal. This would include a main dish, usually Salad/Pasta, a bag of crisps 😛 I love them and a bottle of water or juice.

Ignore the messy desk 😛 (a lawyers desk is never devoid of papers) this is one of the yummy pastas I purchased from Tesco in the meal deals 🙂

In the evenings I would explore Watford High Street where I would eat my dinner at one of these restaurants –

Pret a Manger their spicy chicken wrap stays my all time favourite. (PS on the way back home at Heathrow I treated myself to a spicy chicken wrap at 5 am in the morning just because I was going to miss Pret in India). Pret used to be my choice of restaurant even for lunch times while I was working in Central London and they are such nice guys…many a times they treated me to coffee on the house just like that!! 🙂

Roosters Piri Piri located on the High Street at Watford, this is an amazing takeout place for satisfying grilled food craving which you get. My favourite here was the Chicken Pita Wrap

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – these guys serve an amazing variety of handcrafted burgers. Everything here is so fresh you can relish it in your each bite. I tried the Chick Chick Boom Burger (which has Chilli fried chicken, garlic mayo, blue cheese slaw, pickles, jalapenos) with Sweet Potato Fries and Oreo Milkshake….FOOD COMA!!!

Eds Easy Diner – This is a typical American Diner with typical diner-styled interiors and super friendly staff. I visited this place during one of my shopping sprees in Intu Watford where I treated myself into yet another food coma with Coffee Milkshake and Grilled Halloumi Salad.

Check out the shopping bag in the background 😛

And this winds up my experience in Watford. If you want to visit Watford for a short stay the ideal two day itinerary would be

Day 1 – Visit the Warner Bros Studios : this will take your entire day trust me on this and do read my blog on my visit to the Warner Bro studios. You can catch a show at the Watford Palace Theatre in the evening to experience drama in an Edwardian structure.

Day 2 : Visit the High Street for some brunch and shopping followed by leisurely evening time in the Cassiobury Park

So next time you are in London, do take out time to visit this beautiful town which I fell in love with!!


Magic at the Harry Potter Studios

I am a Potterhead…I have a ritual of reading all the Harry Potter Books every year followed by watching all the Harry Potter movies back to back…no matter what! Last year I was working full time, travelling and preparing for my wedding but still I made time for this ritual!! 😛 So imagine how ecstatic I was when I got a chance to visit London and stay in Watford where the Warner Bros Studios are located!! So like any happy Potterhead, I booked my tickets to the Warner Bros Studios before booking my flight tickets and arrived in London just a night before my tour of the Potterworld. Read on for the magic I experienced there…

The Warner Brother Studios

For the uninitiated….the Warner Brother Studios at Watford are the actual sets where a major portion of the Harry Potter movies were shot. Here you get to walk through the Grand Hall, Daigon Alley, visit Harry’s room under the stairs in the closet, Professor Dumbledore’s office, Snapes Potions room, Privet Drive…well you get the drift!! Do not confuse these with the Wizarding world of Harry Potter of the Universal Studios Theme Parks…this is not a theme park..this is the real thing. All the props here are authentic, the clothes, robes even the quills used by the actors are saved here.

These studios are huge…it will take at least 4 hours for you to complete the whole trip and at the end you will feel as if you’ve gone through the entire Harry Potter series within 4 hours.

Getting there

Pre-book your tickets!! This is the most important thing, the tours fill up fast and if you are in a group it is highly recommended that you book your tickets well in advance.

The tickets are priced as

Adult Saver ticket (16+ years) – £39.00

Child – £31.00

Family ticket – (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) – £124.00

There is also a complete studio package which I opted for which will give you a digital guide to guide yourself through the studio and a souvenir at the end of the tour. The complete package for adults is at £48.95 and for children is for £40.95

You can include the bus shuttle in your tickets for an additional £5.00 per person and I  recommend you do this. The bus shuttle is from Watford Junction, the operators are very cheerful and friendly and the Harry Potter experience starts well before you reach the studios!!Arrive around 45 mins prior to your tour time at Watford Junction bus stop and the staff will happily assist you with the shuttle timings.

The shuttle from Watford Junction to the Studios

Once you reach the studios swap your online tickets at the counter for the studio tickets and you are on you way to an amazing adventure!!!

PS: I have preserved these tickets as a reminder that dreams do come true!!
Entrance to the studios
The actual chess pieces used while filming the famous Ron’s chess battle in the first Harry Potter Movie.

The Grand Hall 

I nearly teared up at the entrance to the Grand Hall and don’t worry you won’t be the only one….this has been a childhood dream of almost all the visitors there so emotions run high! No shame. 🙂  If its your birthday…you are lucky…they let you open the door to the grand hall!!

Though the enchanted ceiling is missing, you will find the Grand Hall surrounded by mannequins fitted with actual outfits which the actors wore. You will see the Gryfindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs in their robes and the teachers in their robes standing at the end welcoming the visitors 🙂


As you move further ahead you get to see these highlights of the studios

The Cupboard under the Stairs with all the props kept intact. This is the tiniest set in the whole studio!!

Enter the Chamber of Secrets
The Quidditch props
Entrance to Dumbledore’s office

The Forbidden Forest

Next up in the studio is the Forbidden Forest. Complete with the background sound effects, you will feel exactly how Harry and Ron felt the first time they entered the forest. They also mist out the floors which was a favorite among the kids!

Platform 9&3/4 

They have re-created the whole Kings Cross Platform here with props of the trolley passing through platform 9 & 3/4 for you to click as many pictures as you want. There is also a store here where you can purchase your copy of the ticket to the Hogwarts express on Platform 9 & 3/4. My ticket proudly sits in my home 🙂

These are the real letters used during the shooting the movie

As you move out from the the platform you get to see the outdoor shooting spots such as the Privet Drive, the Hogwarts Bridge which was burned down in the last battle, the Knight Bus and more chess pieces!!

Finally you move towards the post production and makeup part of the studio where all the props and accessories kept. You will see replica of the Hogwarts Castle, the props used to decorate the Grand Hall during the Yule Ball and off course Dobby!!

You will finally wind your way out through Diagon Alley through the gift shop out to the real world!!

Although food is not allowed to be consumed within the studios, they have a cafeteria midway through the tour where you can get Harry Potter inspired food, the famous Butter-beer or get your own meals and have a picnic of your own. I visited on a warm Autumn day and this made the perfect opportunity for a happy outdoor picnic!!

The cafeteria in the Studio serves some really yummy stuff. I was starving from the walk around the studio and got myself a delicious plate full of stir fried rice, chicken and a fruit bowl! 🙂

Tips for an amazing experience

  • Purchase your tickets in advance
  • Check out for the new shows which they have regularly
  • The tour is long and you have to walk a lot so wear comfortable shoes
  • They have various spots for taking pictures & videos with added effect, these spots are always crowded. Its recommended to line up for these first then do the tour of the particular spot, that way you wont miss anything.
  • Start early in the day to beat the rush

This tour will take an entire day so plan your itinerary accordingly. I hope you have a great time at the studios and do let me know if you need any more details on this. I literally have a folder of photos and worksheets planning my tour through London and I would be happy to share them with you all!!

The Foodie in St. Louis

Our experience in St. Louis was so much fun I couldn’t squeeze it all in into one post. For more details about our drive to St. Louis and its amazing architecture check out my previous post. But do come back for we are going to discuss the foodie goodness over here!!

good food Collage.jpg

We began our foodie trails in St. Louis by reading up on what to eat and where. After almost a week of drool-worthy research we narrowed down on the following list –

#1 Toasted Ravioli

#2 St. Louis style pizza

#3 BBQ ribs

#4 Brisket

#5 Deli sanwiches

Two days and with 6 heavyweight dishes on the list we began our trip

The first stop Toasted Ravioli and St. Louis style pizza

Many food blogs and articles online suggested that we visit Imo’s Pizzeria for their Toasted Ravioli and St. Louis style pizza. The toasted ravioli is meat and cheese stuffed raviolli, fried and served with tomato dip. The St. Louis style pizza is made with very thin crust having cracker like consistency made without yeast and loaded with cheese and toppings right till the edge.  Imo’s Pizzeria is was close to Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis which was our first halt and hence we decided to rejuvenate from the long drive with a slice of pizza and some toasted ravioli 😀

The Toasted Ravioli


This is our first time of tasting the toasted ravioli, so we did not know what to expect. This is sometimes a good thing…sometimes not a good thing 😛 Imo’s ravioli was a tad blander than what we expected it to be. The tomato sauce also did not not live up to our expectations so overall I would rate it as 3/5.

The St. Louis Pizza

Next up in our lunch was the St. Louis pizza. We have tried a few variants of pizzas in the past and this one was definitely different than what we had tried earlier. The crust was thin and crunchy. The topping was well spread…yes right till the edges and it was generous. The sauce was however not as tangy as I usually like it to be so that was a bit of a dampener there. But overall I would say it was 3.5/5.




Next Up…Ribs, brisket, sausages and more…a.k.a The Meat Daddy at Sugarfire Smokehouse

The Sugarfire Smokehouse at downtown St. Louis is famous for its BBQ ribs, brisket, sandwiches etc. The restaurant is huge and on a weekend night we were greeted with a quick-moving but large queue.


The menu is extensive and the serving size is substantial too and we wanted to get a taste of most of the things…which is why we chose their Meat Daddy Speciality plate which includes 2 sides with 4 bone rib, jalapeno cheddar sausage link, & 4 oz each brisket, pulled pork and turkey. In the sides we had house fries with mac and cheese. In the end our full plate looked like this –


Every table is lined with their Housemade Condiments being St. Louie Sweet BBQ, Texas Hot BBQ, Carolina Mustard, White Horseradish, Sugarfire 47, Coffee BBQ, Special Sauce, Ranch, Cider Vinaigrette. Each paired with the Meat Daddy gave a distinct flavor. My favorite was the White Horseraddish with Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage link!!

We had been to the City Museum prior to this and exploring the museum had left us famished. We both could easily finish off this huge plate of Meat Daddy without stuffing ourselves. Overall we loved our time at Sugarfire Smokehouse and would love to visit there again! This restaurant gets a 5/5 rating from me.


The final halt for Deli Sandwiches + Music @Blues City Deli

The next day to wind up our stay in St. Louis we decided to check out Blues City Deli which is famous for its sandwiches. It was a rainy day and we had visited the Anheuser Busch brewery so we were famished! By noon the Blues City Deli was beaming with patrons and live music. There was no space for us to sit but the ambiance simply could not dampen our spirits. There was live music and friendly staff offering efficient service which ensured that our wait for the food was pleasant and our hungry tummys were happy.

We ordered the Mels Blue and Tangy Sandwich (which has Smoked Pulled Chicken & Bacon, Tomato, Onion & Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Zing Sauce, Italian Roll), the Thunderbird Sandwich ( which has Turkey, Pastrami, Cappicola, Bacon & Provel, Tomato, Onion, Pepperoncini & Boom Boom Sauce, Hoagie) with sides of Potato Salad and Cole Slaw. This is the first time I tasted potato salad in USA 😛 and now I am a fan!! Sadly because of the rain and the lack of seating arrangement in the Deli we could not click photos of the sandwiches. We would rate this 4/5 with a point less for the lack of space to eat 😛 otherwise…Blues City guys rock!

So this concluded our foodie trail through St. Louis, MO.  If we have missed out anything or if you have any suggestions for our next foodie trail…leave a comment!!

The Gateway Arch & beyond in St. Louis

A long weekend means road trip time for us. Since spring has not yet sprung in Chicago, going up further north meant facing more cold which we did not fancy. We were looking for a place with warmer weather but within a days drive from Chicago. We also wanted a place which would have monuments, museums, great restaurants and natural beauty. We love those things!! And so the search began…


Google maps is really helpful while planning a road-trip, there is no denying that. But the number of options it can present you with makes the task a bit more challenging. Have you ever faced a situation where every location sounds so great you can’t decide where to go? Well that is exactly what happened to me. I wanted to explore the Illinois capital of Springfield, visit the quaint town of Joliet, go up north to Doors County in Wisconsin and  the city of St. Louis was honestly not my first choice since I knew so little about it.

Upon suggestion of a friend we decided to look it up and I am glad we did that! The first thing that pops in the search window is the massive Gateway Arch of St. Louis. This structure looks so amazing and it is difficult to fathom that you can actually go right on the top of the Arch and get a birds eye view of the city. The next thing I saw was obviously the food….St. Louis style pizza, toasted ravioli, ribs, butter cakes and deli style sandwiches…I was sold! This was the location I wanted to visit. Plus it also met every criteria in our checklist –

  1. Was it warm out there? Not warm but yes more pleasant than Chicago!
  2. Could we drive there in a day? Yes!!
  3. Does it have good monuments, museums, great restaurants and natural beauty? Yes, Yes and Yes!!

And so we decided the next road trip had to be St. Loius.

IMG_20180330_201731.jpgThe drive from Chicago, IL to St Louis, MO is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. We drove leisurely taking a number of halts and made it in around 6 hours. We started in the morning reaching St. Louis just in time for lunch and our first spot, The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.


church exterior 1.png

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis took 7 years to be completed and more than 30 years of planning. The cathedral was completed in the year 1914 and was designated a basilica in 1997. The cathedral is open for visitors everyday except when the prayers are in progress. The ceiling of the cathedral is decorated with stained glass mosaics to depict the stories of its namesake King Louis IX of France and the main dome depicts the biblical events of the Old and New Testament. It took us more than an hour to view the basilica although we could not access a few portions as it was closed for prayers.

mosiac .jpg

Outside the basilica in their lawn you will find the Angel of Harmony. This is a 14-foot high stainless steel sculpture by Wiktor Szostalo depicting racial harmony. The Angels wings are made up of wind chimes which play a delightful melody with every breeze.



A former warehouse for the International Shoe Company now holds a museum which is fun, unique and a must-see on any travelers list, be it an adult or child. This is the City Museum whose exhibits consist largely of re-purposed architectural and industrial objects. Unlike the other museums, this one is to be explored without any map, you have to climb through caves and crevices and slide downstairs.

You ideally need a whole day to explore this museum in its entirety but we could squeeze in our visit just in the evening. Which is why we rush for the slides, the caves and all climbed, crawled and slid through most of this wonderland with childlike glee. Next time in town…do check it out for yourselves!

City museum Collage.jpg


The 630 feet huge monumental arch of the city was the first on our list on day 2. From a distance, this Arch seems like a thin arched sheet of steel and it is impossible to fathom that you can actually climb right till the top of it!! Constructed between 1963 to 1965 this Arch is internationally recognized as a symbol of St. Louis.


We had booked our tickets online which helped us skip the line. The entrance to the Arch is from its basement which has wall dedicated to the history of the Arch and  explains the purpose behind its construction. After a short wait for our turn in the tram ride to the top we were led to the tram. This is a uniquely designed tram which gradually winds its way to the top where the breath-taking sights of St. Louis city and Mississippi river awaits you


When the winds are strong, the Arch swings ever so slightly which adds to the adventure of the whole experience.


The Brewery Tour

The Anheuser Busch brewery in St. Louis founded in 1852 is the largest and oldest brewery of Anheuser Busch, the creators of Budweiser. The brewery offer free tours to everyone and free beer of your choice at the end of tour. The tour itself is fun-filled where the guides take you from the stables of their ambassadors, the Clydesdale to the locations where the barley is sorted, fermented and then made into beer. The brewery is worth a visit for its architecture and a sneak peek into the cutting-edge brewing technology.


You may have to wait for a while till the free tour starts, since this brewery attracts a lot of crowd, the tours tend to fill up fast. But the tour is worth a wait and you get to sample beer once while entering the brewery and then at exit, in their restaurant the Biergarten where you can choose a large glass of beer of your choice. P.S – The beer is not for minors but they can choose from a large variety of soft drinks available at the restaurant.

Do give this brewery a visit and let me know if enjoyed the trip as much as we did!! Need a more detailed itinerary…where we stayed,how we divided our time between the attractions, etc etc…go ahead and leave a comment and I would be glad to help you out!!

Welcome to My Foodie Trails

food 2.jpg

Nothing brings people together like good food! And I love food, reading on it, trying new cuisines, finding out the stories behind every dish and off course cooking. Since childhood I remember associating my emotions with food and planning my days around various meals (PS – I still do that).  My family hosted a number of parties where my mum’s food was the most awaited part. So naturally I got more involved in the kitchen helping Mum cook and hearing stories of how a particular recipe came to be developed or is made in the family. This was my initiation into the world of foodies which has taken me on a long journey across India and now a new journey in USA. I would love to invite you all on this journey with me!!